Swissbloc Capital appoints industry stalwart Daryn Griggs to spearhead the next giant leap in travel technology

July 27, 2018

Swissbloc Capital appoints industry stalwart Daryn Griggs to spearhead the next giant leap in travel technology

Renowned for delivering revolutionary payment and rewards solutions through the use of distributed ledger technology, Swissbloc Capital (SBC) is at the forefront of the travel industry when it comes to implementing innovative technologies for hospitality partners across the world.

Now, having headhunted global payments industry trailblazer and hotel operations expert, Daryn Griggs, the Swiss propriety software giant is set to change the scope of how businesses deliver, and customers consume travel.

Bringing over 25 years of payments-related experience – including being heavily involved in developing the world’s first multi-currency travel card platform (which was adopted by the likes of Commonwealth Bank of Australia) – Mr Griggs has amassed an extensive background in payment processing, start-up management, hospitality and hotel operations, customer experiences and FinTech innovations.

Having also held key positions in companies such as Visa Inc., Rev Worldwide, Yalamanchilli International and most recently Minor Hotels, as well as heading up his own radical innovation company Fast Star, Mr Griggs’ wealth of experience across a broad range of specialist areas will stand him in good stead to provide invaluable leadership, guidance, pioneering solutions and contacts to global technology companies including SBC.

Daryn Griggs

In his new role as Executive Vice President of SBC, Mr Griggs will be responsible for overseeing the rollout of the company’s game-changing Travel Payments and Travel Loyalty product technology to consumers, travel agents and their suppliers, as well as retail merchants.

Mr Daryn Griggs commented, “This role is all about harnessing the opportunities smart contract technology brings to the global travel and hospitality industries – making them more powerful, more revolutionized, more cost-effective and more customer-centric.

“Smart contract technologies represent the next momentous leap in our industry, and I am thrilled to be working alongside Swissbloc Capital to deliver these products to market and positively generate an industry wide adoption.”

At its core, SBC’s B2B Travel Payments system provides a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative for transactions between travel suppliers and travel distributors (such as agents), often reducing costs by up to half.

Currently SBC has over 400,000 members globally engaging in the modern technology, and are set to launch their very first licensed travel agency, Swissbloc Capital Travel, in Singapore later this year.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time for SCB and I’m thrilled to be joining the team, working towards delivering results and unlocking its revolutionary potential,” he said.

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